Beatles vs The Stones


Just when I thought I’d tapped out my Beatles obsession comes a new book to get me reading about the Fab Four once more
John McMillian finds a new angle on the subject through the competition between the loveable mop tops and the big bad Rolling Stones.
Up to this point I’d always thought of the two groups as firm friends but McMillian exposes a deep rivalry between the bands. Lennon accused the Stones of ripping off their innovations, pointing out the number of times the Stones came out with albums that bore a striking resemblance to the previous effort by the Beatles (a case point being Sgt Pepper and Their Satanic Majesties Request)


He was also not best pleased with The Stones image as rough and ready bad boys which he felt was what the Beatles had been before Brian Epstein cleaned them up for public consumption.
He knew only to well that in the sixties the Beatles were considered rather tame and square in comparison with the supposedly edgier Stones, which riled him still further. The Stones meanwhile were constantly being outsold and outshone by each release the Beatles put out. When Jagger brought his latest release to be debuted at a fashionable London club everything went swimmingly until the Beatles turned up with their latest opus and totally out staged them. Ouch.
A good fun frothy read that proves this is subject matter that will never be fully explored.

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