Monsieur Jean


Oh to be a carefree bachelor in Paris. The women, the Gauloises and the charm of every arondissement you have the good fortune to stroll through.
Monsieur Jean is perhaps the most famous cartoon version of such a beast. A writer beset by a fearsome landlady and a group of deeply troubled friends who manages in between each project to make his love life ever more complex.

The deceptively simple bite size stories of everyday life that populate this volume ‘Monsieur Jean From Bachelor to Father’ are as charming as its debonair hero.
All drawn in a style that befits a man of such taste and refinement.
I believe this to be one of the first volumes translated into English and it makes me pine for a modern American version. I suppose American Splendor back in the day would have touched on the same real life issues but its hero was considerably less suave.
Monsieur Jean just goes to show that sometimes just showing life happening is enough to entertain and enthrall

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