Zambians Rock

Amanaz is a name that you may not have come across before. Well imagine if you will Black Sabbath but played with the nimble dexterity and great rhythmic sense that you associate with the African subcontinent. You have imagined the world of Amanaz, a group that was a central part of the hitherto unknown to me, Zambian rock scene of the late sixties and early seventies.


Yes that’s right the Zambian rock scene. In away it should come as no surprise that people all over the world were eventually hearing the kind of sounds dreamed up in America and Britain by musicians like Hendrix and Cream and they would moved to create their own version. Unlike their western counterparts however they didn’t have the good fortune of a big record company or vast array of super wealthy followers to spread their music to the masses.


Instead their sound remained undiscovered for decades until finally the word about this fabulously entertaining scene, from which few records survived, made it to the music aficionados of London and New York.
Unlike a few other unknown African entertainers that people have tried to hip me too like William Onyebar and Francis Bebey, Amanaz are instantly likeable and fun. Great hooks and rhythms, fun lyrics and a real sense of rebellion pervade the album ‘Africa’ which I recommend to any right thinking music fan.

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