The Last Book


Tom Wolfe had a chapter in his classic ‘The Bonfire of the Vanities’ called ‘The Last of the Great Smokers’ featuring a man with a habit soon to be in serious retreat. Dutch photographer Reinier Gerritsen has captured another possibly vanishing habit – reading a paper book. He’s captured people on the subway reading, faces rapt in concentration. How long before everyone has their noses in an iPad?

Angelou Maya 121012-0130

Adams, Douglas 130118-0179

Angwin, Julia 090403-0718

Anonymous Overeaters#67B0D7

Aristotle 130520-1257

Brooks, Gwendolyn 13#67B122

Brown Dan 120229-0217

Camus, Albert 130115-0531

Coelho Paulo 120222-0058

Aubyn Edward St. 120#67B0E4

Collins Suzanne 120223-0610

Allen, Woody 130520-0511

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