The movie ‘Sicario’ hits you like an assassin’s bullet, right between the eyes with its powerful betrayal of the Mexican drug cartels and the men and women who try to bring them to justice.

Emily Blunt plays an FBI agent recruited by a mysterious government official played by Josh Brolin, to take down a Mexican drug

Benicio del Toro aids them in their quest but it soon becomes clear that some of the men fighting on the side of right might actually be only marginally better than the men they oppose.

Indeed Sicario takes a deeply moral woman (Blunt) and places her in an underworld of eternal darkness. The hell metaphor is visually played out as they seek their prey in an underground tunnel that runs from Mexico into America. This in turn is skillfully contrasted with the many aerial shots of border towns and desolate mountainous landscapes , a God’s eye view if you will. Only this God is the US government monitoring the less than holy actions of its foot soldiers and their enemies.

The overall effect is depressing, enlightening and, exhilarating by turn leaving you with the truth that in certain dark corners of the world, the choice is between the very bad or the truly evil.

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