The Ties that Blind

Bloodline_70809With the arrival at my residence of fine high speed internet the watching of Netflix on my Apple TV is now a happy reality.

I’ve wasted no time in binge watching the excellent ‘Narcos’ and now ‘Bloodline’ both of which would make it on to my top ten TV shows of the year list.

Bloodline starts off as if it going to be a regular family soap drama set in the picturesque Florida Keys (I hesitate to use the word idyllic for on my visit there a few years ago I was struck by what a surprisingly white trash state Florida is in reality)

The Rayburn’s seem on the surface to have it all, a successful family business, a beautiful home and a bunch of good-looking kids. But with the return of their black sheep son a dark secret is revealed that little by little trashes the families image and reveals each member to be a touch shady as well as being in total denial.

Sam Shepherd and Sissy Spacek both have excellent turns as the parents with a lot to feel guilty about while Ben Mendelsohn as the troubled son puts in a brilliant performance which manages to keep us guessing for several episodes about whether he is the wronged or the wrong doer.

I don’t want to give anything away outside of that because everyone should sign up to Netflix and watch the show.

Much more quality entertainment like this and cable maybe as redundant as the landline

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