Miguel is one of the relatively recent crop of new r’n’b artists that have caused a revival of interest in the genre. Frank Ocean twisted it into territory unlikely to be visited by Teddy Pendergrass anytime soon on his ‘Channel Orange’ album,

Miguel by contrast seemed to be more straight ahead in the mold of Marvin Gaye on the one hand and Prince on the other. But with each album he has introduced something a little more twisted and psychedelic to the mix

His latest outing is perhaps his most successful yet. Though it doesn’t have a single like ‘Adorn’ from his previous outing it works as a coherent long form album. He’s also taken a little from Frank Ocean’s playbook (or perhaps Drake) in creating tracks that make him sound a little more vulnerable rather than as chick humping sex god (though there’s plenty of that here too)

Richly satisfying and highly at odds with the single-track culture of contemporary pop.

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