Tina Fey’s ‘30 Rock’ is one of the few comedy gems of the 00’s, the sort of show that becomes career defining. No one is necessarily expecting anything as good let alone better.

Then along comes ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’, a show with the same crazy off kilter gags as ’30 Rock’ but with a little extra edge and a gentle feminist undertow.

The premise is genius.

A small group of women are held captive by a cult leader in an underground bunker. These mole women are then discovered and released out into the world. Kimmy is among their number and resolves to go live and work in New york City. Comedy ensues.

What really strikes you about the show as you binge watch it is that everyone seems to be having a lot of fun making it. The writers don’t hold back and include gags that maybe the more ‘sophisticated’ would eschew, while the actors let rip with performances that show that going big needn’t be lacking in finesse.



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