I am Woman. Hear me Roar

battlesansa.0This season of ‘Game of Thrones’ has been labelled the ‘Season of the Queens’ by its creators. But it also might be labelled ‘A Continuation in the War against Handsome Men’. Unless you’re a little person (apparently the politically correct term) or a eunuch or possibly a boy you’re chances of survival on GOT are slim to none. Somehow Jon Snow is still there , though in fairness he was killed at the end of the last season so that doesn’t really count, but in general if you look like a leading man your days are numbered.

By contrast attractive women are thriving. In some cases there is a price to pay. Daenerys seems to be contractually obligated to get her jugs out in every season. When this happens it’s generally bad news for men because it means she and her dragons have incinerated some of them. In fact, if she does bear her breasts in the future I will scream at the TV ” ‘She’s got them out. Run!”


I guess, GOT, like all truly mega successful series, reflects something of the society of the day though I also can’t help noting that the creator of the books, RR Martin,  is not exactly easy on the eye and the whole series could be looked at as a revenge on the jocks who undoubtedly tormented him though hight school.

In  episode 9, we were told by Daenerys as she made an alliance with Yara, that they would rule the world but with womanly generosity entirely lacking in the current male run version.

Well, maybe, but we can’t help noting that from Cersei to Sansa these women are not a little power-hungry and , yes, quite cruel, so I for one am not optimistic about the female universe that’s about to come into being. In the end power corrupts and it’s the same for any one of woman born.Even women.




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