The Day the Other Music Died



Time and tide waits for no one apparently. And this week it will wash away a small part of my New York experience. Other Music is closing.

This small music store off-Broadway, used to be a place to get both the latest hip indie band album and that oddity that you couldn’t quite believe you wanted but found out later that you very much did.




Feel like listening to an album made by a bunch of American high school kids in the seventies? You might like Langley School Music Project’s version of The Carpenters ‘Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft’.

Thinking that there’s a distinct lack of music by a group of sixties Brazilian hippies in your CD rack? Step forward Os Mutantes

Tired of muted songs by western hipster singer songwriter types? Then try an album of hipster songs by an unknown Japanese man called Cornelius


Think your music collection lacks a psych folk album for 1970’s Chile? We have this Congregacion CD just for you

That was the beauty of Other Music. It’s ability to send you spinning off in whole new musical directions that kept you interested in pop music long after it could be deemed appropriate by society


Shuggy Otis, Kid Loco, Antonio Smith, The Avalanches, The Go-Betweens, Broadcast, DJ Koze and many more were Other Music discoveries and it’s absence will leave a large Other Music sized hole in my music buying life.



Maybe in some future universe people will rediscover the joy of walking up to racks of CD’s to begin slowly flipping through them in silent reverie, hoping upon hope that the next case you flipped forward would reveal that life changing album that would forever remind you of the power of life to surprise and delight.

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