The Nice Guys


Once there used to be blockbusters that didn’t feature superheroes. They had, you know, real characters in the real world.

The Nice Guys is a sort of throwback to that area. Written and directed by Shane black the guy responsible for Lethal Weapon, it’s a buddy comedy with a light touch that sort of reminds me of a cop drama from the seventies albeit with a pornographic edge.

Russell Crow and Ryan Gosling are well cast as the two leads, a private eye and old school enforcer who team up to try to find of a missing girl named Amelia.


Naturally this involves them uncovering plenty of murder and criminality and exposes their moral limitations and their lack of competence.

All the while they are accompanied and watched over by Gosling’s sassy daughter Holly who seems to be a lot more wised then they are.

I wish there were more mainstream films like this because if their were i might actually find myself going to the cinema more. Then I guess todays ‘product’ is made for 15 year olds who are only turned on by a series of monstrous explosions played at deafeningly volume.


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