Red Turtle


The latest work by the Studio Ghibli is a beautiful understated tale of a man shipwrecked on a desolate island, which he constantly tries to escape only to be thwarted by a giant Red Turtle that smashes his flimsy bamboo raft time after time.

In his fury he takes his revenge on one turtle he finds attempting to travel up his islands empty sandy beach and kills it.


Overwhelmed with remorse for what he has done he sleeps by the dead creature only to wake and find from within it’s carcass a beautiful young woman has emerged. Which is handy if you’re alone on a desert island.

What makes this engaging tale a cut above the normal fairy tale is the beautifully adult way in which in the whole thing is handled. This film is the exact opposite of the brainless blockbusters you tend to see at most Cineplex’s these days and so will undoubtedly play to small but devoted following.


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