Pauline at the Beach


Pauline at the Beach is a 1980’s French film recently shown at ‘The Metrograph’ in New York by French ‘auteur’ Eric Rohmer. I shuddered a little inwardly when I wrote the ‘A’ word but ever you want to call him Rohmer and his circle of actors produced some interesting and philosophical romantic comedies. Pauline at the Beach is a classic example

Pauline a young 15-year-old girl just entering the world of boys and her older recently divorced sexy cousin Marion go on holiday in Normandy. Within minutes the men arrive to try to seduce Marion and a little later young Pauline.


There’s Pierre, sincere, love struck and wet who wonders around looking hurt and Henri, horny unscrupulous and very sexually active. Needless to say Marion opts for the later option. What unfolds makes us realize that Marion is perhaps the child here rather than her cousin in her dedicated pursuit of falsehood over truth.

Featuring themes that frankly never get old (we all know someone like Mario, Pierre or Henri) Pauline at the Beach is elegant literate and slyly wise about relationships.


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