Ghost in the Shell


The imminent arrival of Ghost in the Shell starring Scarlett Johansson led to Metrograph cinema in the Lower East Side running the anime original. Primarily known as the influence for ‘The Matrix’, it is actually quite a bit different from the Wachowski’s film and years ahead of its time.


For a start it has one of the best badass female characters in cyborg Motoko who spends much of the film killing and kicking ass but with an undeniable manga pervi-ness (she seems consistently to feel the need to bare her breasts) that undermines any attempt at a feminist reading

Then there’s cyber-ization of society that allows human brains interface with the computer networks that drive society, speaking to the way that technology can become the master of humanity not its servant.

Finally there’s terrorist element, underground groups that threaten to hack into a destroy society (not so very different from Fancy Bear or Anonymous.)

The end result is the ultimate geek fest for the precursors of the Google generation.



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