Anyone for a guitar solo?


When you approach an album called ‘A Deeper Understanding’, it’s probably with a heavy heart. Rather in the same way you don’t announce the funniness of a comment by saying ‘That is soooo funny’ rather than actually laughing, so you don’t announce your new depth by saying ‘I have a deeper understanding’.

hq720But awful title aside the reality is that ‘A Deeper Understanding’ … is worth having. In a world of endless Frank Ocean rip-offs it’s classic rock riffs (this is an album that actually has guitar solos on it) feel weirdly fresh.

Sonically it is amazing – big and anthemic and loud and strangely reminiscent of 80’s MOR. In short,  the sort of album that you don’t have to pretend to like but at the same time feel slightly guilty enjoying.

It is after all not ‘clever’ lyrically. In fact, the way the album is produced I’m hard pressed to actually remember a single lyric. What I do remember however is the sound. At times it feels almost ‘Balearic’. For example, I could imagine a track like ‘Strangest Thing’ being played at a beach side café in Ibiza as the sun goes down.

That aside the whole enterprise feels old school, if you are like me, actually old. But for many millennials this is all utterly new. Which perhaps explains its popularity with the likes of Pitchfork.

In the end all that really matters is will you play it? Answer: Yes and often.


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