All Things are Photographable


f674d1ada5069d1d76174c57a5783a4dI have very few heroes but one would undoubtedly be Garry Winogrand. For years he roamed the streets of New York photographing the everyday life he came across. People termed what he did street photography, a term he hated, but what ever you call it you gotta love it.

Ordinary life is beautiful if you truly look at it and Winogrand salvaged from the supposedly forgettable life around us beautiful moments that would have otherwise be lost to the world.

The documentary ‘All things are Photographable,’ showcases his life and his philosophy of photography, which is encapsulated in the title of the film.

For Winogrand a moment that might have been pure chaos has something in it that is worth looking at again. Like all the great visualize artists, he is able to make certain subjects previously deemed unworthy of recording suddenly seem vital and beautiful.

As well as the documentary there is also a beautiful book  ‘The Street Philosophy of Garry Winogrand with accompanying text by critic and novelist Geoff Dyer that is well worth buying and reading, a great tribute to a great artist.








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