The A to B of Andy

Along with Picasso, Andy Warhol is perhaps the most famous artist of the twentieth century. There’s probably not a western human being alive who hasn’t seen one of his screen prints or heard about The Factory.
So on one level, it’s hard to have an exhibition that really holds any surprises for an audience.
Yet just as few people object to hearing The Beatles again, not too many will mind rehashing the old classics  one more time.

They’re all here; the screen prints of celebrities, the obsession with death and crime, the installations and films of male models and self-created superstars, a real Warhol greatest hits. And no matter how many times I see them I still remain amazed at how he was able to nail the culture so perfectly that even decades later the work has hardly dated at all.
Maybe you lose something of the excitement and thrill of newness after so many viewings of such famous images, but they still remain thrillingly relevant.


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