Hell Fyre

If you want to see a documentary about sheer and utter twats displaying their natural twattishness, you have to watch Fyre. It’s about a supposed music festival in the Bahamas for the super-rich, organized by scam artist Billy McFarland, that became one of the biggest shit-shows in history. Already the subject of two documentaries it …

Love in a Cold Climate

In Pawel Pawlikowski’s film ‘Cold War’ it’s tough being true to yourself as a musician in Communist Poland. Not only do you have to sing Polish folk songs and tributes to the glorious revolution but you also have a hard time living with the one you love. The films two main characters composer and pianist …

Seymour reads the Constitution

Brad Mehldau is one of the greatest exponents of jazz piano in the world and has released a new album ‘Seymour Reads the Constitution’ with his regular trio that shows the power of beautifully played well-interpreted songs, whether they be by Paul McCartney or Frederick Loewe.

Patrick Melrose

A couple of years ago I saw the author Edward St. Aubyn interviewed at the New Yorker Festival. He came across as shy and self-deprecating with a wicked sense of humor, and if you had never read anything by him, the kind of English gent who might write Evelyn Waugh-ish satires of the upper classes. …

Just a Phase

Mildlife are an Australian outfit that produce synth infused jazz/funk that reminds me of something like the Jan Hammer Group at times. Their new EP/mini-album is appropriately enough called ‘Phase II,’ but the one I’m currently listening to is the 2017 release ‘Phase.’ Here’s a sample.


Mansur Brown is guitar player on the jazz label ‘Black Focus’ and his album Shiroi (which apparently means white in Japanese) is a great showcase for his skills. Purely instrumental, the album manages to hold your attention throughout and has been on constant rotation in my home this month. Here’s a sample