My Family and other Animals

Monos (Monkeys) is a kind of Colombian Lord of the Flies where members of a FARC style squadron find themselves

Monos (Monkeys in English) takes as its subjects a ragtag squad of teenage soldiers trained by an unspecified FARC style liberation movement. They have been tasked with looking after a captured American civilian.
It soon becomes apparent this was not a very good idea, as the male and female soldiers seem more interested in getting off with each other than actually fighting anybody.

Soon their lack of discipline has led to the demise of their leader. His replacement, known as Big Foot, is a sadistic thug who soon bullies the others into following him into a ‘Lord of the Flies’ style descent into barbarism.
Supremely atmospheric with wonderfully surreal touches throughout, Monos is a beautiful looking film with an emotional, expressive cast that makes the whole idea credible.
Generally, I’m not one for subtitled films, but this probably vies with Transit as my favorite film of the year. A masterpiece.

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