Is it Because I’m Black?

  Identity politics marks our age, but what if someone chooses an identity because they ‘feel’ that they belong to a particular group? Sometimes such identification can lead to the support of the liberal world. For example, not too many would decry Catyln Jenner’s desire to identify as female even though she was born to …


A recent show at MoMA featured the work of iconic photographer Stephen Shore. It showed the breadth of his work, but still the images I most associates with him are those taken in the 1970’s and featured in the book ‘Uncommon Places’ a kind of greatest hits collection of his work. Many document an old …

Seydou Keita

Malian photographer Seydou Keita took these pictures in the 1950’s. They feature middle-class citizens of Mali and show a beautiful eye for composition

Lean on Pete

Harrowing and unforgettable by equal measure, Lean on Pete shows the how fragile our lives are. A young teen, Charley, lives in Oregon with his dad, a man who seems unable to keep a job or sustain a relationship. Charley gets a job, training racehorses and becomes particularly attached to one called ‘Lean on Pete’, …

A Fantastic Woman

The plot is simple. A transgender woman, Marina, goes out with an older man who suddenly takes ill and dies. The death is both a tragic end to a beautiful relationship and the beginning of a spiral of hate and vindictiveness given to the woman by society at large. For this film to work, you …

This is America

Donald Glover them man otherwise known as Childish Gambino has produced the video of the moment at a time when hardly anyone watches videos anymore. His current creation for the song ‘This is America’ scored millions of hits in a matter of hours.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace

It may be called , but the FX series is really about the life and death of his murderer Andrew Cunanan, a boy/man who longs for the trappings of success without doing the work needed to achieve it. Kept by a string of elderly male lovers in the style to which undoubtedly believes he was …

Show Me the Monae

  Janelle Monae is the latest performer to take the mighty legacy of Prince and reuse it for her creative ends. ‘Make You Feel’ is an androgynous, Kiss-like anthem to the noble art of doing what you feel, accompanied by a vibrant video that feels like the arrival of spring.


Based on the first book of the much-praised Southern Reach trilogy, Annihilation is the new film from Alex Garland the screenwriter behind 28 Days Later and the director of Ex Machina. I loved both these and Sunshine, another film written by Garland so I had high hopes of this new work. The story is simple. A …


Jon Hopkins latest album ‘Singularity’ breaks in May but you can still get a preview of what you’re in for with the brilliant track ‘Emerald Rush’