California Trip

Dennis Stock is most famous for a shot he took of James Dean walking through Times Square in the fifties but there is lot more to him as the book California Trip shows. Covering every thing from the hippie lifestyle to rock concerts, Stock captures the feeling of California during en epoch making era.

Say Nothing

As we come to end of year lists I can’t say there were too many books that blew me away. That is perhaps not the best phrase to use about a book on the IRA but that is effectively what the book ‘Say Nothing’ did to this reader. Written by Patrick Radden O’Keefe it told …

Broadsword Calling Danny Boy

To British men of a certain age, the Second World War looms large in their consciousness, even though they were born a long time after it ended. Brought up on a diet of seventies comics like Warlord and Battle that replayed the conflict, every one of us was given the opportunity to revel in one …

The Girl from Chickasaw County

I’m a signed up member of the Bobbi Gentry Fanclub and it seems I’m not alone as there is now a box set of her work that has just been released entitled The Girl from Chickasaw  County.  If that’s too much Gentry for you, I recommend the album ‘Touch ’em with love’ or failingly that …

Evelyn Hofer

Evelyn Hofer is a photographer best known for her work in the fities and sixties including these wonderful images from a reissued collection of her New York photos. As an adopted son of the city, I love her take on Gotham.