Hannah Harding otherwise known by her stage name Aldous Harding produced my favorite album of 20017 ‘Party,’ a slow-burning folk gem that is less of a party of more of a wake. Now she is returning with her new album ‘Designer,’ the less stark but equally beautiful follow-up. Above is a track that gives you …

This is America

Donald Glover them man otherwise known as Childish Gambino has produced the video of the moment at a time when hardly anyone watches videos anymore. His current creation for the song ‘This is America’ scored millions of hits in a matter of hours.

Show Me the Monae

  Janelle Monae is the latest performer to take the mighty legacy of Prince and reuse it for her creative ends. ‘Make You Feel’ is an androgynous, Kiss-like anthem to the noble art of doing what you feel, accompanied by a vibrant video that feels like the arrival of spring.


Starting with the legend ‘I don’t think you realize just how successful I am,’ Baxter Dury ‘Miami’ gives you the worldview of as, we would say in my homeland, a certified tosser. Brilliant and disturbing in turn, the track is just of a number of great songs from an equally fantastic album.  

Lite Spots

I grew up in the Golden Age of Video, so always have an appreciation for the form. One of my favs of the year is this one for current hip name to drop Kaytranada. It features a dancing robot, so what’s not to love?    


Radiohead are never entirely what they seem. Beneath the surface are hidden depths that have been uncovered here by Rishi Kaneria. He has analyzed Paul Thomas Anderson’s video for the single ‘Daydreaming’ from their most recent album ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ and come with the following hypothesis

UN Rap Wars

The Art of the music video is alive and well, if this DJ Shadow effort is anything to go by. The sight of old white men rapping is worth watching for first 90 seconds for..

Wide Open

Proving the music video genre still has the capacity to be intriguing, The Chemical Brothers with the help of Beck and a young dancer who makes me feel old.