Ryan Weideman came to New York in 1980 and soon began working as a taxi driver. From the front of his cab he began taking pictures of his clients, which led to a quite singular portfolio of a new York that no longer exists.

City on Fire

  Garth Risk Hallberg’s debut novel weighs in at a doorstopping 902 pages. But it’s one of the quickest 900 pages you’ll ever read. Set mainly in 70’s New York during the advent of punk and flashing forward and backward in time it is an evocative piece of work which manages to make the seedy …

Shot in New York

What better way to tour New York then to tour in the footsteps of its most iconic photographer? Arthur Felig, better known as Weegee, roamed the new York streets capturing the aftermath of mob hits and car crashes, murders and general mayhem. Now ‘Weegee’s Guide to New York’ shows you exactly where many of his …

A Ride Back in Time

You think the New York City subway’s bad now, take a look at the images of Christopher Morris. Taken in the early eighties, when riding the subway could still be seriously injurious to your health, they capture the gritty, graffiti filled reality of NYC back in the day.