Love Trumps Hate

I like Michael Kiwanuka debut album ‘Home Again’ but I find I’m playing his follow up ‘Love and Hate’ far more. It is unlike anything else out there at the moment, a sort of modern take on singer songwriters like Terry Callier.

Ape and Essence

As I get older and more cynical it’s often hard to find books that will engage me. Everything seems tired and done before (or maybe I’m just tired and done before) So it was with no little pleasure that I discovered Yann Martel’s new novel ‘The High Mountains of Portugal’. The Canadian author is responsible …

Havana Cultura

The music of Cuba has been inspiring musicians for 80 years or more. Gilles Peterson the founder of Soul Jazz records and the creator and curator of much beautiful Soul, Jazz, Brazilian and funk music is the latest to get inspired. His series ‘Havana Cultura’ is perfect for reminding us what summer feels like.

Something Wicked

Like to be scared out of your wits? Then the brooding period piece horror ‘The Witch’ is for you. The plot is simple. A religious man breaks with his Puritan community and goes to live with his family on the edge of a spooky looking wood. Pretty soon that family starts to disappear. The film …