Show Me the Monae

  Janelle Monae is the latest performer to take the mighty legacy of Prince and reuse it for her creative ends. ‘Make You Feel’ is an androgynous, Kiss-like anthem to the noble art of doing what you feel, accompanied by a vibrant video that feels like the arrival of spring.

You Want It Darker

  Leonard Cohen’s demise got me listening to some of his albums, mainly the last three or four, which may not have the classic tracks that made him famous in the seventies but have a silky depth to them that gets under my skin. His final album, though not his best, shows the grace and …


Starting with the legend ‘I don’t think you realize just how successful I am,’ Baxter Dury ‘Miami’ gives you the worldview of as, we would say in my homeland, a certified tosser. Brilliant and disturbing in turn, the track is just of a number of great songs from an equally fantastic album.  

Anyone for a guitar solo?

When you approach an album called ‘A Deeper Understanding’, it’s probably with a heavy heart. Rather in the same way you don’t announce the funniness of a comment by saying ‘That is soooo funny’ rather than actually laughing, so you don’t announce your new depth by saying ‘I have a deeper understanding’. But awful title …

Love Trumps Hate

I like Michael Kiwanuka debut album ‘Home Again’ but I find I’m playing his follow up ‘Love and Hate’ far more. It is unlike anything else out there at the moment, a sort of modern take on singer songwriters like Terry Callier.

Havana Cultura

The music of Cuba has been inspiring musicians for 80 years or more. Gilles Peterson the founder of Soul Jazz records and the creator and curator of much beautiful Soul, Jazz, Brazilian and funk music is the latest to get inspired. His series ‘Havana Cultura’ is perfect for reminding us what summer feels like.

James Blake at Radio City Music Hall

My enthusiasm for live shows is waning as I become increasingly more jaded. These young people with their strange ideas! It wouldn’t past muster in my day. Yet as I pass complainingly into old gitdom I can still appreciate the odd modern conception of music. Like James Blake. Yes, he may have a rather plaintive, …

Old Music. New Passion

It’s only natural to what to be hip. Long past the age when it’s deemed appropriate modern day man longs to prove that he is down with Skepta or Phonte even if he’s not entirely sure what word you would use to describe your enthusiasm and worries that ‘down’ is almost certainly not it. This …

Fever Dream

It’s time to grow up and put away childish things. It’s time to put on Fever Dream by Ben Watt an album of laid back singer songwriter charm that is probably a little too low key to ever be truly popular. For anyone who doesn’t know Ben Watt was the songwriter and musician with the …

Bryan Ferry Live

On my bucket list, along with visit New Zealand, sleep with Monica Bellucci and pet a tiger, was see Bryan Ferry in concert. A trifling bucket list item but one, nevertheless that had very little chance of being ticked off Ferry being 70 and unlikely to put another album that would require a tour of …