Golden Days

Austrian pub culture is not something I’ve ever given much thought to until seeing Clemens Marschall’s photobook, ‘Golden Days Before They End.’ It’s reminiscent of Anders Peterson’s ‘Cafe Lehmitz,’ which did something similar in the 1970’s with a bar Hamburg’s red light district. Whereas Peterson worked in black and white, Marschall works in a rich …

The City Within

Brooklyn is my home.And it’s also the subject of photo book by Alex and Rebecca Norris Webb. They have attempted to capture Brooklyn in all its diversity using their brilliant grasp of color photography and composition.


Legendary street photographer, Martin Parr, described Eamonn Doyle’s photos as the best he’d seen in years. It’s hard not to agree with that statement. Taken on the streets of Dublin, they are graphic and raw and like all good examples of the genre hint at the lives of their subjects. A book featuring a sample …

Robin de Puy

Born in 1986, Robin de Puy grew up in her parents’ family hotel in the small village in South Holland. She graduated from the Fotoacademie Rotterdam in 2009 and in 2013, she received the Dutch Photographic Portrait Prize for a shot of fellow photographer An-Sofie Kesteleyn; in 2015 she took a 10,000km road trip across …

Alex Prager

Alex Prager creates strange and fabulous images that look as if they might have been culled from some cult classic film of the sixties. This year there’s a collection of her work featuring some of her most famous and enduring work.