My Family and other Animals

Monos (Monkeys) is a kind of Colombian Lord of the Flies where members of a FARC style squadron find themselves Monos (Monkeys in English) takes as its subjects a ragtag squad of teenage soldiers trained by an unspecified FARC style liberation movement. They have been tasked with looking after a captured American civilian. It soon …

Life Lived in Color

About the only art show I wanted to see over the summer was the Brooklyn Museum’s exhibition of the color work of Garry Winogrand. It was, as to be expected of one of the great street photographers of the mid twentieth century, masterly. Projected on to the walls in the form of high quality slides, …


Last year, Sam Wilkes produced a beautiful short album/EP that Ive only really probably listened to now. And its a wonderful piece of work that works great as late night listening. Here’s a sample

Le Rayon Vert

Eric Rohmer is a director associated with the French New Wave. Jean Luc Godard praised his take on French life in the seventies and eighties. On hearing this, you probably imagine artsy black and white films full of jump cuts and philosophical debate. Rohmer couldn’t be further from this. His luscious color films often concern …

Life in Black and White

Not only was the late Peter Lindbergh one of the greatest black and white fashion photographers in history, he also managed to be free from the scandal that has recently plagued Mario Testino and Bruce Weber. it seems you can take pictures of the beautiful without molesting them.