The Pillar

Stephen Gill hammered a wooden stake into the ground and then placed a motion-sensor camera nearby. What he uncovered were closeup shuts of wild birds landing and taking off in the Swedish countryside.


Alys Tomlinson booked herself a ‘pilgrim package’ tour to Lourdes, France capturing visitors to the site, and the ex-voto, or religious offering left behind by worshipers as a show of devotion. Soon she expanded her study to include the Christian sites of Ballyvourney in Ireland and Grabarka in Poland. What emerges is a strange parallel universe of people, who …

In My Room

Saul Leiter was trained as a painter and overtime began to use his painterly eye to create some beautifully abstract new York street photos which are among the finest of the genre. He also created some stunning images of artist models in his apartment and studio, very much int he style of 19th century French …


Legendary street photographer, Martin Parr, described Eamonn Doyle’s photos as the best he’d seen in years. It’s hard not to agree with that statement. Taken on the streets of Dublin, they are graphic and raw and like all good examples of the genre hint at the lives of their subjects. A book featuring a sample …

Life in Black and White

Not only was the late Peter Lindbergh one of the greatest black and white fashion photographers in history, he also managed to be free from the scandal that has recently plagued Mario Testino and Bruce Weber. it seems you can take pictures of the beautiful without molesting them.

Robin de Puy

Born in 1986, Robin de Puy grew up in her parents’ family hotel in the small village in South Holland. She graduated from the Fotoacademie Rotterdam in 2009 and in 2013, she received the Dutch Photographic Portrait Prize for a shot of fellow photographer An-Sofie Kesteleyn; in 2015 she took a 10,000km road trip across …

All Things are Photographable

  I have very few heroes but one would undoubtedly be Garry Winogrand. For years he roamed the streets of New York photographing the everyday life he came across. People termed what he did street photography, a term he hated, but what ever you call it you gotta love it. Ordinary life is beautiful if …

Seydou Keita

Malian photographer Seydou Keita took these pictures in the 1950’s. They feature middle-class citizens of Mali and show a beautiful eye for composition

Memoirs of the Armenians

Every other month I come across a great photographer who had previously been unknown to me. The latest is Antoine Agoudjian. He was was born in Saint-Maur, France,  to Armenian parents. Following an earthquake in Armenia in 1988, he began an ongoing photography project about the country of his roots.