The Brandals

Britain’s Brandalism is a movement dedicated to taking back spaces from the corporate ad world, namely the billboards that litter our cities. The group thoughtfully replaces the existing ad units with original art created by their members. Irreverent and at times thought-provoking it’s the perfect pick me up for all who hate the modern corporate …

Stoned? Try Hot Pockets

Why eat a Hot Pocket? Because you’re really very, very high that’s why. For those who want to sing along here are the lyrics One, two, three to the heat Stop counting sheep, And move your feet to the beat I bet you’re wonderin’ “Who are you?” The baker who made new HOT POCKETS come …

Make Homosexuals Marry

Why should heterosexuals be the only ones to endure marriage? For too long gays have gone around having single fun while poor married heterosexuals suffer in silence.Well, this video shows what their in for. And I for one say it’s about time they suffered like the rest of us.    

Poster Power

A few years ago graphic artist Albert Exergian did a series of minimalist posters for famous TV series. I think they still hold up and it makes wonder why people don’t do more limited edition graphic images like this. They’re simple and charming and require just a little thought to work out, making them all …

What? Why? How?

Is it possible? A TV spot that is not facile or predictable? Yes it is. John Cleese, director Tom Kunst and Grey New York prove the art of the TV commercial is not dead in this spot for DirecTV