This is America

Donald Glover them man otherwise known as Childish Gambino has produced the video of the moment at a time when hardly anyone watches videos anymore. His current creation for the song ‘This is America’ scored millions of hits in a matter of hours.

What I have to Offer

Listen to the words of screenwriter Charlie Kaufman. He gave a talk to the British Film Institute. It lasted 70 minutes but five of these are pure philosophical gold. Elliot Rausch created a video with these pearls of wisdom as the soundtrack. Listen and learn to feel optimistic again

Emoji in Love

The humble emoji has been enlivening many online conversations for years. Now it’s made it to the big time because some genius has made a video for Beyonce’s ‘Drunk in Love’ using nothing but emoticons Beyoncé (feat. Jay-Z) “Drunk in Love” Unofficial Emoji Video from JESSE HILL on Vimeo.

The Existential Meow-ings of Henri

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past year you are more than likely aware of the of one of the Internets deepest and most profound thinkers. Henri, le Chat Noir. This cat intellectual is the natural successor to Jean Paul Sartre and Albert Camus even though he possesses only paws. The fine feline …

Fifty Shades of Sexy

For along time I’ve felt that the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ has been lacking a certain something. And at last it has been revealed to me what that something is; the dulcet tones of Gilbert Gottfried reading this magnum opus of soft porn. Now that is sexy, as I’m sure you’ll agree when you watch …

Overgrown and Growing on Me

I have to say that having blown hot and cold on moody crooner James Blake I’m now very definitely warming to his off-kilter and atmospheric style. On the previous album I felt it to be so abstract as to be almost not there. I’d play the whole album without really registering anything but his cover …

Two Blokes Walked into a Bar

Jokes. You might remember them from before the days when stand up comedians switched from the gag to the ‘observation’. In fact you might say that telling jokes is very much the preserve of anyone over 40. It used to be that every man would have a couple of well-honed jokes to share with his …